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Dec. 5th, 2010


Snow, snow I love it so

So if you're not here you may not know that Ireland is having a bit of a snow crisis at the moment. The timing could not be better for both adding a bit of pathetic fallacy to and also acting as major distraction from our economic problems. Try that one on for size. But basically, it snowed a lot and we're not set up to deal with at all (the same thing happened last year and the year before, so really there's no excuse for not being able to deal with it). Snow is melting now, and at least in the city centre where I live, all the paths and roads are a brown slushy puddles.

Even at the height of the blizzard the city is a bit un-snowy and I don't have a garden anyway so I went out to the suburbs on Friday (only took a few minutes, Dublin is teeny-tiny) ostensibly to make snowmen with my best mate, but I was a bit knackered and cold by the time I got there, so instead we drank beer and watched tv. Snow makes everything look so strange and unfamiliar. I swear when I got off the bus I wasn't sure if I was in the right place or going the right direction.

The upshot is that I got two and a half days off work. But everything has calmed now back to the grind tomorrow.

Nov. 25th, 2010



I'm not a USian but I owing to my job I attended a Thanksgiving dinner tonight..

Tonight I am thankful for beer and yams and escapism, that place between fantasy and fever dream that carries us from today to tomorrow.

Nov. 23rd, 2010


5 things about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows The Movie Part 1

1) A lot of people hated the Harry and Hermione dancing scene but I thought it was really sweet. Nothing romantic about it, it should not give hope and comfort to H/Hr shippers and if David Yates thought it would then he's a worse director than he has hitherto let on. I just thought it was adorable that Harry was trying to cheer Hermione up and I appreciated that it didn't work. So apparently I enjoy seeing miserable people fail to cheer each other up.

2) Needs more Lupin. I don't just say thing because David Thewlis incredibly sexy in a slightly confusing way (although surely that's reason enough, dude he has a face out of another century, I could look at it forever). I was terribly disappointed that Lupin's mid-life crisis attempt to leave his pregnant wife and go on adventures with teenagers didn't make it to the movie. It would have been a good scene for Thewlis. Instead we mostly had him hovering about in the background not doing much.

3) More complaining
The movie killed Grindlewald's atoning moment of ambiguity. In the book Gridlewald attempts to throw Voldemort off the trail of the Elder wand, telling him that he, Grindlewald, was never it's master. The reader can later draw their own conclusions about whether this constitutes protecting Dumbledore, attempting to thwart Voldemort, and showing some small measure of remorse for his dark Wizardry or if it's just for the evulz. In the movie Grindlewald doesn't give a fuck, passes all the info to Voldemort does what he has to do to move the plot along,  basucally he's all, 'dig up his grave, pull out his wand'
This is lame. And it makes me feel bad for Dumbledore. Who's dead. Ow, my heart

4)This isn't technically about the movie but the guy who sat next to me spent the whole movie munching popcorn, and tapping his foot until finally he started CRACKING HIS KNUCKLES. This kind of thing happens to me every time I go see a blockbuster.

5) None of this is to say that I didn't enjoy the movie. I really did.

Nov. 4th, 2010


The girl with a one track mind

When I connect my phone to my laptop and the little dialogue box asks if I want to 'mount' it I always giggle. Always.
So lame.

Oct. 28th, 2010


Must work on being more tortured

I keep having dreams about implausibly attractive people solving mysteries and sexing each other up. I hate it when my subconscious gets silly.

Oct. 27th, 2010


Here's a faulty generalisation I made earlier

Today I did two hours voluntary unpaid overtime.

I think the main reason I did so is that so the next time someone starts bitching at me that the public service is full of underworked wastrels I can piously tell them of my voluntary unpaid overtime.

Oct. 26th, 2010


I started this livejournal stuff

Keeping up with various people's ljs has become a complete pita. I'm hoping (rather naively I fear) that having my own will make this easier. I will probably use this mostly to post completely stupid stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.